Eduardo spent 3 seasons playing in Arsenal but he time in the Premier League saw him taking a huge hit as he had to undergo a surgery after picking up a leg injury that forced him on staying out for the remainder of the season of that year. The Brazilian forward made over 40 appearances for Arsenal and managed to score 7 goals.

He has admitted that he would take the chance of playing for Arsenal once more, if the chance opens up for him.

Ever since completing his recovery from the leg injury, Eduardo has never really managed to get back to his full form which was one of the main reasons on why the Brazilian attacker was eventually offloaded to Shakhtar Donetsk.

Although his time at the Premier League club is not considered to be successful, he would not hesitate in playing once more at the English side.

Eduardo said: “I do not know anything about it, other than what I read in the media. But of course, who would not like to go to Arsenal? Everybody knows that when I left, everything was done in a friendly manner’’.

“We are still friends and after leaving I spoke several times with Arsene Wenger. I still have many friends in London but of course this does not mean that I will come back to Arsenal.”

The Brazilian forward of Shakhtar Donetsk also praised the Italian club Inter Milan.

Eduardo added: “I would like to play more because of the World Cup. Inter Milan are a great club with great tradition. Who wouldn’t want to play for them? The Italian league remains one of the most difficult and it is always hard to play against all teams in Serie A.”

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