Arsene Wenger facing large Criticism from Arsenal Supporters

  • 03, 22, 2015
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Arsene Wenger seems to always be experiencing huge amounts of criticism from the supporters of Arsenal as the fans want to see the club winning a major title which has not happened since the season of 2003-04 when the English side managed to clinch the Premier League trophy.

With 28 Premier League matches having been played, Arsenal is located in the 3rd spot with 54 points and even though the chances on actually winning the English league is far-fetched, it still has been a very impressive season so far for Arsene Wenger and his squad.

Arsenal recently sealed a 2-1 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford as Arsenal sealed their position in the last 4 remaining teams that are competing in the FA Cup.

If Arsenal somehow manages to win the FA Cup and also seal the 3rd spot in the Premier League, this is a huge feat for the club as they would be adding another title to their closet as well as being able to qualify in the Champions League of the next season which is always a good thing to see for any top club.

When Arsene Wenger was asked about what it would take for Arsenal to ensure a Champions League qualification spot, the French coach replied by saying:

“Seventy-two.People have finished in the top four with 67 points, but if you look at this year we have 51 points now. So it will be in the 70s. It is a tough run-in but it will be similar to last year.Look, have you seen the quality of the teams behind us? Southampton, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United. The best way is to look forward and go as fast as we can.’’

The Premier League continues being a highly competitive and intense league as there is only 4 points separating the 3rd spot club in the Premier League from the one located in the 6th position and any slip up or drop of points could see Arsenal losing their chance on qualifying for another successive year in the Champions League but so far things have been going rather impressively for Arsene Wenger and his players, let’s just see if they are able to keep it up until the end of the season.

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